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RHQ 4.9

Business Inventory

Boxes and possibly software have in many organizations special inventory tags.
We should enhance the inventory with a organization specific general inventory list that can also queried (e.g. in DynaGroups).

What do I mean with that?

The inventory list would consist out of key-value pairs for certain resource types. Platform come to mind as the first choice.

To make the process easier for administrators we need to add a two level template system:

  1. Templates per ResourceCategory : This allows to e.g. enter a keyword for all platforms at one place (e.g. hardware inventory number, contact person / group info, location information)

  2. Templates per ResourceType: Those allow to specifically add keywords for certain resource types like e.g. license numbers for the operation system.

We should supply a number of basic value types like

The implementation could be done with the existing Configuration property system. It should live on a separate tab on the inventory page of a resource.

Templates would live in the administration part of RHQ.

A requirement would be that no two keys may share the same name.

We should add the inventory tags to the search mechanism of DynaGroups.

A general search for resources matchin key-value pairs (or the lack of) should be possible.

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