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RHQ 4.9

System Events

This subsystem is designed to facilitate integration with external systems as well as support advanced server side plugin logic that can add additional functionality to the system. This would provide an event stream that could be registered for. Events could be things like inventory changes, alerts activated, configuration changes and other resource and system level changes.

Event Types

  • Group CUD

  • Resource

    • Resource CUD

    • Availability Change

    • Config Changed

    • Alert Fired

    • OOB Detected

    • Content CUD

    • Support System Fired

    • Relationships Changed

  • System

    • Agent registered

    • User CUD


Definition of a Management Event
ManagementEventSourceType sourceType
int sourceId
int relativeSourceId
ManagementEventType eventType
String eventInfo

Outstanding work

  • Integrate cluster configuration management in order to setup clustered JBoss Messaging.

  • Complete the rest of the event firing hooks

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