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RHQ 4.9


This is a proposal to add a tagging system to RHQ. In particular, this is meant to support bundle-based provisioning requirements relating to managing the choices of deployments and deployment information.

Idea is to put a triple tagging system, optionally with hierarchy support. Each tag has a namespace and extra semantic information. This will allow customers to set up their own folksonomy that will work with their processes and decision trees on provisioning.


Tag's would be input with the following format  (<namespace>:)(<semantic>=)<tag>

Some examples:

  • it:environment=production

  • it:environment=development

  • biz:department=HR

  • biz:department=IT

  • biz:costCenter=3234

  • it:hwVendor=HP

  • it:hwVendor=Dell

  • app:status=untested

  • app:status=validatedForProduction


Proposal is for a fk related storage system with a text based or selector based entry system.

Tags are stored as [id, namespace, semantic, tag].

Relations would be to Resource, DeploymentDefinition and BundleVersion (to start).

Each relation would be via a simple many-to-many mapping table.

This would allow us to display columnar data views of the tagging against tagged items. (e.g. list resources with a column for "Environment" where the values are [Development, Staging, Performance, Production, DisasterRecovery]).

Setup would be via a multi-value, auto-complete box. Optionally would develop a tag manager interface.

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