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RHQ 4.9

Design-Bundle Ant Launcher

We have our own command-line launcher for running RHQ bundle scripts, which has the following differences from the standard Ant 1.8.0 launcher:

The launcher lives in the modules/common/ant-bundle module, which also contains the launcher used by the Server and Agent to parse and execute bundle scripts. To build the launcher:

RHQ_VERSION="4.7.0" # use the current version here
cd modules/common/ant-bundle
mvn package

This will produce target/rhq-ant-bundle-common-$RHQ_VERSION-SNAPSHOT.zip.

To try out the launcher, first unzip the launcher zipfile:

cd target
unzip rhq-ant-bundle-common-$RHQ_VERSION-SNAPSHOT.zip

Then build the sample bundle:

cd etc/samples/sample-bundle
mvn install

Then, (as root), execute the sample bundle's recipe as follows:

su -
cd $RHQ/etc//samples/provisioning/sample-bundle/target/bundle
rhq-ant -Drhq.deploy.id=0 -Drhq.deploy.dir=/tmp/jbossas-petstore -Djboss.bind.address= \
 -Dhttp.port=7080 -Dhttps.port=7443 -debug

NOTE: root is required because the bundle recipe installs an init script under /etc/init.d/.

This should deploy the sample bundle to /tmp/jbossas-petstore/ and start up the JBoss AS instance running the Java Petstore app. Go to http://localhost:8080/petstore/ in a browser to access the app.

I still need to add a liquibase task to the bundle script to create the Petstore DB (ips, 04/30/10).

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