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Design-Content Subsystem 1.1 Proposed Changes

I think this page is now obsolete



Short Description



Add verbiage to indicate audit trail of packages

jdob: Should be quick to just add some text on the page.


Make CSP feed connection error messages more useful

jdob: This might not be trivial, since I'm not sure how easy it will be to understand the exceptions from the HTTP client code. Still, we really need to be able to tell users in a clean way that their login doesn't have access to the CSP feed.


Error when creating two content sources with the same name

jdob: Should be a quick change to the bean to throw an error we display in the UI.


Show failure message when synchronizing a disabled CSP content source

jdob: Very quick fix.



Short Description



Content request history should list the package names

jdob: More of an annoyance of how to get them into the query and (possibly) refactoring the EJB/UI to use a composite.


Applying patches from a content source with download mode of FILESYSTEM fails

jdob: This is probably an RHQ issue about FILESYSTEM mode not working, but we can move it after more investigation. At worst case, we temporarily disable the FILESYSTEM mode. We might want to do this anyway since this will have to be address with regard to clusters and is one area we can push off for the time being.


Change content-backed resource creation to provide resource name

jdob: API changes, but just to the transfer objects. Small UI changes and the corresponding documentation.


Extract package name from file upload box

jdob: Our file upload component isn't all that powerful and a bit hackish as it is, so I'm not sure what it would take to get the file name from it (or if we'd have to move to another component from somewhere).


Add metadata to describe architecture-less package types

jdob: Not too hard and will be a big gain towards the general concept of making EAR/WAR deployment more user friendly.



Short Description



Support authenticating proxies in the CSP feed

jdob: Already finished and checked in.


Add audit trail to UI

jdob: Data is already there, it's just a matter of showing it in the UI.

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