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RHQ 4.9

Areas not specific to a particular RHQ function

Review Lead: Jay


  • Sessions

    • Bug 661785 - Shortly after logout a browser refresh will re-enter the previous session (high)

    • Bug 661793 - Active session may get interrupted generating unexpected login dialog box (medium)

  • Search

    • Integrate global search

    • integrate for filtering

  • Tabbing

    • Bug 661528 - when switching from tab A to tab B and then back to tab A for a given Resource or group, tab A's data is not refreshed (high)

    • Bug 661541 - Resource Tabs infinite loop (medium)

    • Bug ** - Need sticky expand/collapse for detail summary

  • Validation: Are hover generated error messages the best we can do? Does SmartGWT have another display mechanism for the validation error. ErrorPositioner?

Table Components

  • Navigation

    • Bug 661800 - Not all name column values generate a link to the detail view (medium)


  • Editing

    • Bug 661808 - Removing portlets from the dashboard is not working

    • Bug 661519 - newly created Dashboard's edit controls are not displayed immediately after the dashboard is created

    • Bug 661846 - unable to customize refresh interval of portlets

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