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RHQ 4.9

Inventory tab for Auto Groups

Review Lead: Mazz

This tab is not present at all in RHQ3.

Connection Properties subtab

  • Need to test what happens when user A and user B change the props

  • Group update is done on a per user basis - each user has its own private auto-group. If I change config, that "group update" is invisible to other users - other users can see the individual resource changes from not the aggregate group history. We should provide the user a view to see all group history changes from all users.

Members subtabs

  • Go to Members, then Connection then back to Members and see the screen is blank

Children subtab (not in RHQ4)

  • Useful for importing/creating resources without needing to create a group? (i.e. deploy WAR to auto-group)

  • Would this be the default subtab?

  • Would need same things as on subtab for Compatible Groups:

    • List of Children

    • Manual Import

    • Create New

    • Creation history (only in RHQ3)

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