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RHQ 4.9

Focus-Inventory tab-Compatible Group

Need to complete context menu for groups

Inventory tab for Compatible Groups

Review Lead: Mazz

Overview subtab (only in RHQ3)

  • Need activity info on the Summary>Overview

Connection Properties subtab

  • If "Member Values Differ" should be able to set the same value on all group members from main config page. i.e. only need to fire up extra editor if you're setting multiple items to different values.

    this is debateable. Unsure what the UI would look like to support this. Click the "Member Values Differ" and it turns into a text field? We need to figure out how the workflow would work, what clicks are needed where to say on the main config page, "I want to edit the value and make it the same across all resources in the group". Note that this is a change to the group config editor component.

  • Add support for editing List properties for groups?

This is an age-old limitation that existed in the old and now new config editors. The fix for this would need to go into the group config editor component. Currently no solution on tap.

  • List group members

    • Remove members from group (should be able to select all members)

    • Remove members from group and Uninventory them (should be able to select all members)

    • Remove members from group and Delete them (should be able to select all members)

    • Add new members (only of appropriate type)

We need a "select all" feature in our listgrid/table components

  • For groups generated from a definition need some warning about this group changing/going away

Children subtab (not in RHQ3 or 4)

  • List of Children

    • Not sure its useful? Could be useful for deletion if there was a filter?

    • Manual Import. Would this be useful for groups?

    • Should this go in the Children subtab or its own Subtab?

  • Create New

    • I think this would be HUGE

    • Immediately have "cluster app deployment", i.e. create a group for each app server in your cluster, then go to inventory and deploy your app in one step.

    • Should this go in the Children subtab or its own Subtab? Maybe a Deploy subtab?

  • Creation history

    • If you have Create New you need history

Inventory tab for Cluster Groups

  • Need a way to know if a tree node represents a smaller number of resources that are in the membership of the group.
    (for example, I have 1 WAR deployed in 1 JBossAS server but I have 2 JBossAS servers in the group)

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