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JBoss Application Server 7.x Plugin

JBoss Application Server 7.x Plugin

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provides monitoring and management of JBossAS 7.x and JBoss EAP/JDG 6.x




This plugin provides monitoring and management of JBoss AS 7.x and the JBoss enterprise products that are based on
AS 7.x - EAP 6.x and JDG 6.x. If your environment includes multiple types of AS7-based products, it is recommended
that you create a Group Definition with the following expression:

resource.type.plugin = JBossAS7
resource.type.category = SERVER
resource.parent.type.category = PLATFORM
groupby resource.pluginConfiguration[productType]
groupby resource.type.name

This will result in one dynamic compatible group per AS7 product type, each containing all of the JBoss server
Resources of that type.

Resource Types

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