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Managed by Jopr

Use the name RHQ from now on

Managed by Jopr

If you have written a plugin for your application, you can now show this to you users by those new and cool buttons:

images/www.jboss.org/files/jbosslabs/design/jopr/badge/images/managedbyjopr_badge_v1.png (managedbyjopr_badge_v1.png)

images/www.jboss.org/files/jbosslabs/design/jopr/badge/images/managedbyjopr_badge_v2.png (managedbyjopr_badge_v2.png)


images/www.jboss.org/files/jbosslabs/design/jopr/badge/images/managedbyjopr_badge_tan.png (managedbyjopr_badge_tan.png)
images/www.jboss.org/files/jbosslabs/design/jopr/badge/images/managedbyjopr_badge_gold.png (managedbyjopr_badge_gold.png)
images/www.jboss.org/files/jbosslabs/design/jopr/badge/images/managedbyjopr_badge_blue.png (managedbyjopr_badge_blue.png)

To do so use this markup, where you need to replace the last component by the name of the desired badge

<a href="http://www.jboss.org/jopr/">
<img src="http://www.jboss.org/files/jbosslabs/design/jopr/badge/images/managedbyjopr_badge_tan.png"/>

When doing so, please let us know about your plugin so that we can list it on our plugin list ( * Where is it now ? * )

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