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RHQ 4.9

Management Model Changes in AS-Next

  1. Versioned management model - Most possibly in the next EAP version, each resource in the AS management model is going to gain another attribute: version. We should record that in our plugin as soon as it is available because by requesting the tree in certain version, we should be guaranteed to get access to the same model even if the actual model in the future AS version changes. AS will introduce a notion of "transformers" - an internal classes that will transparently translate the model from one version to another.

  2. Run levels - an attribute or resource may exist only during a defined state of the AS - in certain runlevel - STOPPED, MANAGEMENT, RUNNING (the list might not be complete nor correct images/author/images/icons/emoticons/wink.gif ).

  3. Transactionality - the model is going to become transactional (full with JTA support)

  4. Mixed environment - with the versioned management model and option to ignore "unkonwn" resources it is going to become possible to manage a heterogenous domain - versioning will enable managing multiple versions of a single product (AS, JDG, SOA), while the ignoring will enable different products in a single domain.

  5. Annotation driven management model - The subsystem's configuration definition will become radically simpler using annotation-based approach and an associated annotation processor that will create necessary parsers/deparsers at compile time, so that people don't have to write repetitive error-prone code and also to unify the way different structure constructs are expressed, expressions evaluated, etc.

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