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RHQ 4.9

Minimum disambiguatio info

This series of screenshots shows various search page results showing only minimum disambiguation information needed to distinguish individual resources. I.e. if the resources have different names, no other info is needed, hence no parents and no type disambiguation (types are always shown for non-singleton resources, but ambiguous type names aren't further distinguished as long as the resource names differ).

In this screeshot, you can see 4 singleton resources called the same name. To distinguish between them the plugin info was added, but the top and bottom ones would still be ambiguous, therefore further disambiguation by ancestry was needed.

There's only one "Table" resource there, so it gets no further disambiguation. The rest of the resources come in groups of 2 or 3 with the same resource name and are disambiguated similarly to the first screenshot.

On this page there are 2 JBossAS Servers with different names, hence no further processing even though the type names are the same (in fact they are from different plugins but that is indistiguishable using this disambiguation strategy).

A bunch of non-singleton resources again disambiguated using just type name and plugin (if needed).

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