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RHQ 4.9

Needed - DynaGroup push

In AS 7 a managed server always belongs to one server-group.

Servers can not be moved between server-groups, but if you want to e.g.
move ServerA from sg1 to sg2, you have to shut it down, delete it on sg1,
re-create on sg2 and start it again.

While many operations to an AS will happen on server group level,
monitoring of all servers in a group will be an operation on (RHQ) group

Therefore it must be possible to automatically group AS instances according to their

One way of doing this would be to pre-populate the server with respective DynaGroup
expressions. Another way would be to define them in the plugin descriptor and load
them upon plugin deployment. This allows for upgraded group definitions upon plugin
updates without the need to modify the server.

      group by resource.property[group]
      resource.plugin=as7   (*)

*) The plugin expression could actually be a placeholder (%p) that is automatically filled in by the deployer to make developers life easier.

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