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RHQ 4.9

Needed - Modular resource type entries

RHQ needs a more modular plugin descriptor with conditional element activation to keep up with the growing management model from AS7+ (and of course dynamic metadata).

Reasons are:

Plugin descriptor would get some thing like a version definition:

  <version name="foo" definedBy=".."/>
  <version name="bar" definedBy=".."/>  // may not overlap with foo

Expressions for 'definedBy' need to be resolved by java code for the concrete resources e.g. by looking at the version field of the Resource.class of the concrete resource. This may also need to have some fallbacks. Best is probably to add a facet/extend the standard resource component / discovery component to provide for a callback that the PC can use to determine the version with a default implementation of returning just the value of the version field. On the server side something similar is needed. Perhaps it may make sense to pre populate the children with the value from the top-most resource.

And then this version can be used in the descriptor like this.

<metric version="foo" ...>
   <simple-property version="bar"

Server and agent need to 

Unfortunately the above is not yet enough for dependent elements / types that are only present when a certain other value is set (imagine a type of "imap configuration", that should only be shown if on a different field the type is set to 'imap'.

Inside a resourcetype

Another way to deal with this could be to have a "applies to parent" attribute

<service name="Foo">
   <parent-resource-type name="A"/>
   <parent-resource-type name="B"/>

   <c:simple-property name="Bar" parent="A"/>
   <c:simple-property name="Baz"/>\\

   <metric name="lala" parent="B"/>

Here property 'Bar' would only be present on a parent type of A, while property Baz would be available inside both parent A and B. Similar, the metric lala would be only available inside parent B

XXX additional needs

as8 will bring role based security and authorization on crudo for resources ( and perhaps even their attributes ) 

As8 will / should send / accept headers that define the resource version (e.g. on subsystem and server level). Our ResourceTypes may need the version information on that level and not just on the base server level. Needs to be checked with the AS team and synchronized with the console.

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