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RHQ 4.9

Perspective Users


Business Roles

The following five users have been identified as stereotypical users/roles that could drive perspective definitions.

  1. Developer (Builds things, Makes code updates, is not concerned with monitoring)

  2. Operations (24x7 - Is it up and running?) (Concerned with SLA monitoring and incident detection and capturing errors.)

  3. App Support (find right person to fix incident, understands config, consistent means of deployment)

  4. Infrastructure engineers and support ( configuration, makes boxes available, works with storage, fixes infrastructure problems )

  5. Line of Business (Non-technical product managers who work with IT, Cares about reports a lot, reports status to others )

Users / Personae

Within each main role, you can have a number of personae. This can account for different levels of experience (novice or expert) or working styles (prefers gui or prefers command line, etc). We will use these to talk about the needs of specific users.

Andy the App Developer

Develops in-house applications for running on corporate servers. May be internal and/or external applications (web site vs internal tools)

Maps To

  • Developer role (above)

Example Tasks

  • Create an application bundle, test it, and make it ready to deploy by Randy

Opie the Ops Guy

Maps to

  • Jopr users

  • Operations role (above)

Example Tasks

  • Deploy foobar app bundle to a baremetal system

  • Discover new hardware and assign it

  • Bring new storage online and add to cluster

  • Monitors for problems and identifies correct person to solve

Randy the Release Engineer

Maps to

  • Infrastructure role (above)

Example Tasks

  • Create install, create base policy.

Peter the Project Manager

Defines and runs business processes. Has no interest in programming or hardware issues. Often a customer of the IT-department.

Maps to

  • Line of business role (above)

Example Tasks

  • Manage loads of change requests, protect Andy the App Developer from complete overload by prioritizing them.

  • Making sure that on the same day of a major web application launch, a web service that the new web application depends on is not taken out for maintenance or upgraded to a version that has not been tested with the newly-launched app.

  • Ensure that changes occur within the SLAs promised to customers

  • Consumes reports and passes on this information to others.

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