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RHQ 4.9

Perspective Mockups

Idea of how a particular JBoss user might see the UI:

Idea of how a particular JBoss user might see the UI - Dashboard:

A higher fidelity of what the new rhq ui could look like, with perspectives and some changes to the core ui:

Another variant of the hifi mockup, no tree:

Core UI changes and extension points annotated (see notes below):

  1. Core UI change - add powerful search as primary part of the UI

  2. Core UI change - Breadcrumb and tree toggle - allow user to see where they are at all times, ability to use tree on demand

  3. Core UI change - List view of selected parent item (per breadcrumb). Keep the user in context

  4. Core UI change - simplified banner in details section for selected child item.

  5. Core UI change - Actions panel on right side.

  6. Extension point - removed admin menu, added Monitoring menu

  7. Extension point - new tab Audit History

  8. Extension point - Actions specific to a user in this role are shown.

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