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Recommended Browsers

Accelerated Browser Release Schedules

The Firefox and Chrome browsers have recently adopted a 6 week version cycle that is very difficult for enterprises to validate their products against. For this reason, Firefox offers an Extended Support Release that accommodates a 40 week version cycle (with minor patches in between) instead of the standard 6 week version cycle. We recommend this ESR version of Firefox instead of the standard Firefox version for running RHQ as this is what RHQ is tested against internally. For more information, see the Firefox ESR FAQ.

RHQ Browsers and Versions

  1. Internet Explorer 8 - Changing to Internet Explorer 9 in RHQ 4.7

  2. Firefox ESR 17.0.x (Firefox ESR Download)

Chrome Browser Use

Google Chrome (or Chromium) is not an officially tested browser although many developers use it and most everything works well with it.

Browser Chart Rendering

It should be noted starting with RHQ 4.7, that the old charting technology has been replaced with d3. d3 charts render the charts entirely on the client browser and use the SVG technology that only the newer browsers provide. For this reason, IE8 is unable to render these charts, but is fully functional otherwise.


Because RHQ is hundreds of thousands of lines of javascript it is highly recommended to use the latest browser versions as their javascript rendering engines have major performance enhancements.

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