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RHQ 4.9

RHQ CLI Installation

RHQ Remote Client / CLI Installation

The RHQ Command Line Interface (CLI) can run on either a Windows or UNIX platform and does not require the execution of a special installer program. The CLI requires a Java6 runtime environment (JRE). By default, the CLI should run out-of-the-box.

  • You first should install one or more RHQ Servers.

  • If you already have the Remote Client / CLI installed, ensure it is supported by your currently installed RHQ Server.

  • To install a new RHQ Remote Client / CLI, follow the steps in the next sections.

  • After the installation you can run the CLI from the console. Go to Running the RHQ CLI for more information.

Download the Remote Client Zip

The RHQ Server comes with a bundled Remote Client distribution inside - this is called rhq-client-<version>.zip. The bundled version is the version that should be used with that server. It is not guaranteed that earlier (or later) Remote Clients will be compatible.

In order to obtain the Remote Client distribution you can download it directly from any running RHQ Server. You can do this by navigating to Administration->Downloads

Unpacking The Binary

Copy the binary .zip file into your chosen directory where you want the agent to be installed and run the following command:

unzip rhq-client-<version>.zip

At this point, you are ready to run the CLI.

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