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Release Notes 1.4.0.B01

Release 1.4.0.B01

The RHQ team is proud to announce the first developer build of the RHQ 1.4.0 platform. This developer  release, 1.4.0-B01, provides an early looks at the new features which we are planning for the 1.4.0. This release contains many of the plugins which had been available as part of the Jopr project, along with the plugins that were included in previous RHQ releases.

A Note about Developer Builds

As with any developer build, it is possible for this build to do bad things, like eat your cats. We would advise you to not use this build to upgrade existing RHQ or Jopr environments.

New Features

  1. Server Side plugin container which allows server side features to be extended without changing core code. Learn more about this feature at http://rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Server+Plugin+Development.

  2. Pluggable Alert Senders. Learn more about this at http://rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Design+-+pluggable+alert+senders.

    1. Users can write their own alert senders by writing a plugin descriptor and implementing one Java method

    2. Snmp sender has been ported to this model, as has the email sender.

    3. New alert senders have been added:

      1. irc - allows sending of alert messages to irc channels

      2. microblog - allows to send to twitter like servers

      3. mobicents (RHQ side only) - allows to send alerts via voice call or SMS

  3. Improved plugin generator and Annotations to help automate generation of plugin descriptors

  4. New ManualAddFacet for agent plugins that support manual add of resources

  5. New Perspectives subsystem facilitating customization of regions of the RHQ UI. Learn about the design at http://rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Design-Perspectives.

    1. Perspective developers select areas of the UI for which new or customized content/pages/workflows/etc are to be conditionally applied:

      1. tabs

      2. menus

Changes From Earlier Releases

  1. Previous releases of RHQ listed "Content Source" and "Channel" as content types. These have been renamed, in current and subsequent releases, to "Content Providers" and "Repositories", respectively.

  2. SnmpTrapd plugin now uses manual add instead of autodiscovery

  3. The WS namespace is unchanged from release 1.3.0. Existing Webservice clients should regenerate from the wsdl to take advantage of additional types exposed.

Bugs Resolved In This Release

  • BZ 535798 Per CPU metric collection issues for multi-cpu platforms

  • BZ 535283 fix mtime-based inventory sync logic

  • BZ 535740 WAR/EAR file with context root of "/" causes duplicate ROOT.war to be inventoried

  • BZ 535804 MeasurementScheduleManagerRemote.findSchedulesByCriteria() fails when using resource group ID filtering

  • BZ 535810 EventManagerRemote.findByCriteria issues

  • BZ 535809 MeasurementDataManagerBean.findDataForResource ignores numPoints argument

  • BZ 535785 CLI gives ORA-01425 error when sending criteria to Oracle 10g

  • BZ 535783 have agent look for "rhqserver" as its registration server

  • BZ 535813 Dbutil unit tests fail on postgres

  • BZ 535849 fix manual discovery plugin API

  • BZ 536328 Change apache resource key from baseDir of apache install to full path to httpd.conf

  • BZ 535564 QuerySyntaxException when disabling a metric in template for existing resources

Known Issues

  • BZ 546397 Cannot create event source on RHQ Server resource

  • BZ 546399 Favorites are not added until the page is refreshed (regression)

  • For the plugins which were previously part of Jopr (i.e. the plugins for managing JBoss products), the version numbers for this release (1.4.xxx) are actually lower than the plugins from earlier Jopr relases. This could cause issues if upgrading to this release from earlier releases.

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