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Release Notes 3.0.0.B02

RHQ 3.0.0.B02

The RHQ team is proud to announce the latest developer build of the RHQ platform. The version has been upped to the 3.0.0 version for consistency with related projects. The last portion, B02, refers to this being the second community release ("build 2" if you were curious).

A Note about Developer Builds

As with any developer build, it is possible that some parts of this build have some very bad mojo. We would advise you to not use this build to upgrade existing RHQ or Jopr environments, unless you are really daring. Actually, no, don't do it in that case either.

New Features

  • Repo Synchronization: Added the ability to schedule package synchronization for specific repos, as well as cancel a running sync.

  • HTTP Content Access: Added the ability to browse content repositories and retrieve packages via HTTP.

  • Server-Side Plugin Dynamic Configuration Values: Added the ability to indicate the enumerated values for a configuration property of a server-side plugin be pulled from the database. For more information see Server Plugin Descriptor Configuration.

  • Raw Configuration Support:

    • View Configuration (multiple versions) for managed resource supporting (Structured, Raw, Both) configuration options

    • Switch between Structured and Raw Configuration views for a managed resource supporting both

    • Multiple file views

    • Upload and download of configuration files

    • Saving configuration changes to managed resource

    • Rollback

    • Validation (raw-only)

  • Alert Migration: The internal domain model of alerts has changed since Jopr 2.3.X. Please see the readme for steps about data migration.

  • Notification Templates: It is now possible to create bundles of pre-configured alert senders that can be applied to individual alert definitions.

  • Alert UI Revamp: Note: temporarily until Roles-Sender and Subject-Sender are ported over, the ability to define / use "send alert to RHQ user", "send alert to RHQ role" and "execute operation" has been disabled.

  • I18n: Initial support for French installer messages thanks to Victor Montaner.

  • Server Side Plugins Operations: Server-side plugins now support operations.

Bug Fixes

  • BZ 555091 - Microblog Plugin fail to generate alert

  • BZ 547864 - Twitter only updated once upon multiple alert firings

  • BZ 547830 - SNMP packets not sent upon alert triggering

  • BZ 535217 - Upgrade JNA to version 3.2.2

  • BZ 551056 - Agent created multiple classloaders for a single resource when starting clean

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