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RHQ 4.9

RHQ 3.0.0.B05

New Features

RHQ database password obfuscation

The database password is now by default obfuscated when installing the server. The encrypted password is stored in
bin/rhq-server.properties in the property rhq.server.database.password

If the database password is updated, it also needs to be changed in this property.
To generate a new password, the provided scripts $RHQ_SERVER_BIN/generate-db-password.sh or .bat can be used by giving the db-password as argument like this:

$ bin/generate-db-password.sh test
Encoded password: 5..6b8b45e01...e.

Support RHQ on Oracle 11

We have extended the support we currently have for 10g onto 11g.

Support executing agent side scripts as the result of an alert

It is possible to configure an alert to trigger the execution of an arbitrary script on a specific platform which is in inventory.

Support authorization via LDAP groups

RHQ administrators can associate RHQ roles to LDAP groups, rather than having to manually create RHQ roles and map RHQ users to them.

Known Issues

Known Issues can be found here.

Bug fixes

  • BZ 571968 - Users cannot delete Alert Notification Templates

  • BZ 571911 - Alert, subsystem view, acknowledging all alerts causes a trace

  • BZ 571885 - rhq alerts, click Add Alert Notifications from Template, causes null pointer

  • BZ 573034 - new plugin configuration properties are not set to their defaults for existing resources

  • BZ 573982 - queries used by getAggregateMetricDisplaySummaries (for compatible group metric retrieval) are highly inefficient

  • BZ 580175 - Reoccurring scheduled resource operation is not deleted when resource's platform is removed from inventory

  • BZ 580042  - oracle database: RHQ Server failed to install on Oracle 10g with ORA-00972: identifier is too long error

  • BZ 581539 - NullPointerException when clicking "View" on a row of configuration map values

  • BZ 569563 - Cannot Manually Add a JBossAS5 Server

  • BZ 580994 - Missing images in left nav

  • BZ 546397 - Cannot create event source on RHQ Server resource

  • BZ 582799 - Search is broken

  • BZ 580127 - LDAP regression - RuntimeException when submitting details of new LDAP user

  • BZ 583090 - Alert Notification: Fails to update Operation Name for Then Filter by for script.

  • BZ 562302 - Calendar widget has no numbers on it

  • BZ 546399 - Favorites are not added until the page is refreshed

  • BZ 582614 - Intermittent NullPointerException on clicking on any resource name in inventory

  • BZ 577800 - LDAP: If an existing ldap user is deleted and recreated and is not associated to any group in ldap, previous role permissions are applied to user after login.

  • BZ 582193 - No context menu in the left navigation

  • BZ 577875 - Agent wrapper messes up term window in linux

  • BZ 582471 - PartialResultException when choosing particular Search Bases when using Active Directory

  • BZ 585255 - Typing a character in the search submenu leads to an intermediate page

  • BZ 567297 - Exception trying to delete a compatible group 

  • BZ 584149 - Column sorting on the new /rhq/inventory/browseResources.xhtml is not yet working

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