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RHQ 4.9

RHQ 4.0 Developer Preview 1

This release consists of a first preview of the upcoming RHQ 4 releases. It is meant for developers and interested parties to have a first look at the new UI, to see the GWT technology in action (and hopefully to attract contributors that want to help shape the future of RHQ).

Not for production or serious testing

This release is meant to show the upcoming UI written in GWT, which will in the future replace the old Struts / JSP / JSF UI.
There are still areas of the UI that are rough, unfinished or not even started.

Do not use this for production or serious testing!

As the efforts of the RHQ 4 release have been mostly put into the new UI, there is no list of closed bugzillas yet. Functionality of the server side and of the plugins is more or less the same as it is for RHQ 3.

Known issues:

This section lists some known issues.

  • First switch to inventory tab may not show inventory. Select a different category on the left side to get it going

  • Creation of DynaGroups not yet possible

  • Alert definitions can not yet have notifications and are not yet shown in the report section

  • Manual add of resources not yet working

  • Installer shows some non-replaced {} properties


You can download the preview from rhq-server-4.0.0.B01.zip

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