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RHQ 4.9

RHQ 4.0 Developer Preview 2

This release consists of the second preview of the upcoming RHQ 4.0 release. It is meant for developers and interested parties to have a first look at the new GUI, to see the GWT technology in action, and hopefully to attract contributors that want to help shape the future of RHQ.

Not for production or serious testing

This release is meant to show the upcoming UI written in GWT, which will in the future replace the old Struts / JSP / JSF UI.
There are still areas of the GUI that are rough and unfinished.

Do not use this for production or serious testing!

As the efforts of the RHQ 4.0 release have been mostly put into the new UI, there is no list of closed bugzillas yet. Functionality of the server side and of the plugins is more or less the same as it was for RHQ 3.0.

New Features

  • Improved LDAP support

  • Default dashboard improvements

    • updated GWT GUI

    • portlet auto-refresh

  • Improved Resource Inventory support

    • plugin errors now prominently displayed when they exist

    • togglable resource details visible across all subtabs

  • Breadcrumbs no longer used

  • I18N

    • 99% of the messages have been internationalized; email rhq-dev or shout out in #rhq on freenode if you notice any messages still hard-coded in the Java source

    • not yet localized, aside from a still in progress German message bundle

  • New Help section: Docs from the www.rhq-project.org are now available directly through the app. The dashboard also links out to the site to gather links to the latest RHQ News. For information on www.rhq-project.org privacy policy, see here: http://www.rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Privacy+Policy

  • GWT-based user and role edit views finished

  • Metric and Alert template views converted from JSF to GWT

  • Much improved MySQL plugin (by Steve Milidge)

Known issues:

This section lists the known issues in this release.

  • You cannot schedule operations using the GWT interface though you can if you go to the JSF interface

  • Some error messages will be masked and instead print "InvocationTargetException: please see server log for more details", but the server log may not necessarily provide more details.

  • Installer shows some non-replaced {} properties

  • If you attempt to make a group a "favorite", your list of resource favorites will be corrupted and no group favorite will be added. (note: this is fixed for the next release)

  • Favorites>RecentlyViewed does not show anything.

  • Selecting an autocluster node in the tree view for a recursive compatible group (i.e. the "Cluster" view) correctly renders tabs, but navigating from the default subtab may hang your session until you log out. (note: this is fixed for the next release).

  • The group views' Members/Membership tabs are now combined into a single Members subtab - however, if you modify the group's membership, the view doesn't refresh (thus the summary info doesn't change). (note: this is fixed for the next release)

  • Cannot change enable/disable of event sources in connection properties - Bug 661899

  • Users lacking manage_inventory permission will not be able to render resource detail. (note: this is fixed for the next release)


You can download the preview from rhq-server-4.0.0.B02.zip

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