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Release Notes 4.2.0

RHQ 4.2.0

This is the RHQ 4.2 release. It was released on 31st Oct 2011

Upgrade note

The upgrade to RHQ 4.2 from prior RHQ installs is broken. RHQ 4.2 installations should use a new database. The upgrade is expected to be fixed with the release of RHQ 4.3.

Please note
  • The autodiscovery portlet is by default disabled on the dashboard. Go to the Inventory to see the discovery queue.

  • Webkit based browsers will not automatically forward you from the installer to the login page. Manually switch to

  • RHQ 4.2 requires Java 6 – it may work on Java7, but has not yet been extensively tested (feedback is welcome).

  • Firefox 5 is not yet supported, as the version of (Smart)GWT used in RHQ does not support it.

New Features (since RHQ 4.1 )

REST api

This API got included to get the effort started to build a REST interface into RHQ so that the server is better accessible from other tools and languages.

This API IS NOT STABLE. Do not rely on it. IT WILL CHANGE

To access the API, go to http://localhost:7080/rest/ See also Design-REST and this blog post


  • Alert conditions can now be (again) entered with units (e.g. '4GB' )

  • Installer (partially) translated to Korean, contributed by Ted Won 원종석 <tedd824@gmail.com>

  • Template selections for metric schedules and alert definitions have been split onto two separate pages

  • Settings pages for server and agent plugins have been separated

Drift Management

This feature, introduced in RHQ 4.1, enables you to monitor resources for unplanned and/or unexpected changes that are referred to as drift. You can get background on the feature including motivating use cases and design diagrams here.  There has been significant refinement of terminology, see the link for a complete glossary.


  • Consolidation of Drift subtabs into the Definitions view, with drill-down into a "carousel" view of drift snapshots.

  • A new view for inspecting Snapshot detail has been added.

  • Support for drift templates from the Administration view.

Alerts Integration

  • Alerts can now be generated for drift instances.

  • "Planned Changes" mode has been introduced to disable alerting during anticipated change periods.

User-Defined Templates
A drift definition template is a  preset definition defined at the resource type level. A resource drift  definition is always created from a template. Prior to this release,  there was only support for pre-defined templates that are declared in plugin descriptors. Templates can be creatated in the Administration UI. You can view plugin-defined templates here as well. 

Pinned Definitions
A definition can be pinned to a snapshot.  When pinned, drift is defined as variation from the pinned version.  When not pinned drift is defrined as variation from the previous snapshot.

Pinned Templates
A template can be pinned to a snapshot.  The snapshot then becomes pinned to all definitions attached to (derived from) the template. This is basically a way to institute compliance across a set of resources.

CLI Support

  • CRUD operations for drift definition templates

  • Pin snapshot to template

  • CRUD operations for drift definitions

  • Pin snapshot to definition

RHQ Server Configuration Synchronization

The import configuration is now included directly in the export file so that it is easier to modify the import behavior. You can read more on our wiki.


  • For some metrics, collection schedules out of the box have been lengthened, or collection disabled by default. BZ 741331

  • Updated AS7 plugin, supports JBossAS 7.0.0 see RHQ and AS7

  • Improved mod_cluster plugin (support for JBoss 4.2 to 6.0) - Design - mod_cluster

  • Twitter plugin and Twitter alert sender plugins have been overhauled to support OAuth (by Rafael Soares)


  • Attribute 'default' on the element c:option of the plugin-descriptor is deprecated and will be removed in a future version (probably RHQ 4.3). RHQ 4.2 will emit a warning if that attribute is found in the plugin descriptor. Please check your plugins and make sure to remove that attribute. Rationale behind this is that the attribute never worked as intended - to set a default value please use the attribute 'default' on the parents <c:simple-property>.

Known Issues

  • The installer shows some non-replaced {} properties.

  • Some parts of the UI are still in non-GWT technologies

  • Metrics on the summary page of an autogroup do not work. Go to the monitor tab to view them

  • You can't edit existing conditions or notifications of an alert definition. Workaround is to delete and re-create them BZ 742804

  • Favorite Resources portlet shows all resources and not only favorites BZ 750263

For a list of issues that still exist in the very latest RHQ 4 code, see Bugzilla.


The GWT part of the UI has partially been translated into German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. You can e.g. access the German UI
by appending ?locale=de to the base URL, e.g. http://localhost:7080/coregui/?locale=de - supported locales are:

  • zh for Chinese

  • de for German

  • ja for Japanese

  • pt for Portuguese

Please ping us if you want to help translating the UI to your language.

Bug reporting

Please report all bugs you find in Bugzilla. If you find a bug that has been recorded in the above list, please leave a comment on them especially if this needs special steps to reproduce.


You can download the release here.

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