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Release Notes 4.3.0

RHQ 4.3.0

This is the RHQ 4.3 release. It was released on March 8th, 2012

Upgrade note

If upgrading from RHQ 4.2 you must first make a manual change to your database. Apply this change only if upgrading from RHQ 4.2, not earlier versions (and also not from 4.3). Execute the following SQL to update the schema version from 2.114 to 2.115:

update rhq_system_config
   set property_value='2.115', default_property_value='2.115'
 where property_key='DB_SCHEMA_VERSION';

After this update proceed with the upgrade normally.

Please note
  • The autodiscovery portlet is by default disabled on the dashboard. Go to the Inventory to see the discovery queue.

  • Webkit based browsers will not automatically forward you from the installer to the login page. Manually switch to

  • If you had a previous version of RHQ running, your browser may automatically redirect you to the (not-yet started) corgi module. To start the installer explicitly call this URL:

  • RHQ 4.3 requires Java 6 – it may work on Java7, but has not yet been extensively tested (feedback is welcome).

  • standard superuser account and password are 'rhqadmin','rhqadmin' - you should change them after login in the Administration->Users section.

New Features (since RHQ 4.2 )

REST api

The REST api has been enhanced. This API is included to get the effort started to build a REST interface into RHQ so that the server is better accessible from other tools and languages.

This API IS NOT STABLE. Do not rely on it. IT WILL CHANGE

To access the API, go to http://localhost:7080/rest/ See also Design-REST and this blog post

  • RESTEasy has been updated to version 2.3.1.GA


  • Updated GWT to version 2.4 and SmartGWT to 3.0. This enables support for IE9; support for IE6 has gone.

  • Updated Japanese translations contributed by Fusayuki Minamoto

  • Updated Portuguese translations contributed by Rafael Chies


  • System settings page has now a button to dump the current system state to the server log. This is the same information that can be retrieved via the /status uri on the REST interface.


  • Tomcat plugin now supports JNDI-configured datasources BZ 703562

  • better handling of severity entries in logfile lines BZ 535725

  • Updated Oracle plugin wrt counting of active and total connections per user BZ 772726 - contributed by Elias Ross

Content Subsystem

  • Improvements across all server plugins (Tomcat, JBoss AS4, JBoss AS5) for discovery, deployment, and creation of content backed resources. BZ 758753

  • Version for uploaded content can now be specified through the CLI. BZ 771418

  • Various other fixes, including UI and server. BZ 758753


  • Attribute 'default' on the element c:option of the plugin-descriptor is deprecated and will be removed in a future version (probably RHQ 4.4). RHQ 4.3 will emit a warning if that attribute is found in the plugin descriptor. Please check your plugins and make sure to remove that attribute. Rationale behind this is that the attribute never worked as intended - to set a default value please use the attribute 'default' on the parents <c:simple-property>.

See also

There is now a project RHQ samples on GitHub available that lists additional sample code that works together with RHQ. This also contains examples in other programming languages than Java to access the REST api.

Known Issues

  • The installer shows some non-replaced {} properties.

  • Some parts of the UI are still in non-GWT technologies

  • Metrics on the summary page of an autogroup do not work. Go to the monitor tab to view them

  • You can't edit existing conditions or notifications of an alert definition. Workaround is to delete and re-create them BZ 742804

For a list of issues that still exist in the very latest RHQ 4 code, see Bugzilla.


The GWT part of the UI has partially been translated into German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. Depending on your browser and language settings the right translation should automatically show up. Otherwise you can e.g. access the German UI
by appending ?locale=de to the base URL, e.g. http://localhost:7080/coregui/?locale=de - supported locales are:

  • zh for Chinese

  • de for German

  • ja for Japanese

  • pt for Portuguese

If you want to help translating into your language, for this repository on github, translate away (see this wiki page for some things to watch out) and submit pull requests for translated strings.

Bug reporting

Please report all bugs you find in Bugzilla. If you find a bug that has been recorded in the above list, please leave a comment on them especially if this needs special steps to reproduce.


You can download the release here.

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