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How to take a JBoss EWS Tomcat into inventory

This is work in progress

We expect that the server has already been installed.
The desired configuration that can be found at $JBOSS_AS/server/<config>/ will be named $PROFILE below.

Steps to take it into inventory

Jopr is talking to the JBossAS instance over the JNP interface (by default on port 1099). This port is in modern versions (4.2 and later, as well as EAP versions) secured by default

  1. Go to $PROFILE/conf/props/ and edit the file jmx-console-users.properties to enable the admin user and give it a password:

    # A sample users.properties file for use with the UsersRolesLoginModule
    admin=<your password>
  2. (Re)start the JBossAS server

  3. Go into Jopr and to the Dashboard

  4. After a while the Autodiscovery Portlet should show the new JBossAS:

    1. If so, press on import and wait a little

    2. If not, go to the platforms operation tab and issue a "Manual Autodiscovery" with full details. Then return to the Dashboard

  5. When the server has been imported, go to Servers in the resource hub and click on the inventory button.

  6. If a yellow box is shown, click on the "connection properties link

  7. Otherwise select the connection sub tab on the inventory tab and click on "Edit" at the bottom

  8. provide the username and password from above (admin / <your password> ) and click on OK at the bottom.

  9. Wait a little and then click on the summary tab. The server should now show as UP and in the tree on the left you should be able to see child resources like Datasources, the embedded Tomcat server or your EAR and WAR files.

How to set up Web-response time measurement

Jopr is able to measure reponse times for your web pages hosted on a JBossAS server. In order to obtain the data you need to follow some steps:

  1. Instrument the Application Server as described here


  2. Enable the collection of metrics

    1. Go to the inventory tab of the Web archive (and the respective vhost) and add the path to the log file

    2. Go to the monitor tab, schedules subtab and then select the "XXX" metric, and click on "set" at the bottom

Further reading

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