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What Is RHQ

What Is RHQ?

The RHQ project is an abstraction and plug-in based systems management suite that provides extensible and integrated systems management for multiple products and platforms across a set of core features. The project is designed with layered modules that provide a flexible architecture for deployment. It delivers a core user interface that delivers audited and historical management across an entire enterprise. A Server/Agent architecture provides remote management and plugins implement all specific support for managed products.

RHQ allows you to:

  • Coordinate the many stages of application lifecycle

  • Expose a cohesive view of your middleware components through complex environments

  • Improve operational efficiency and reliability through thorough visibility into production availability and performance

  • Effectively manage configuration and rollout of new applications across complex environments through a single integrated tool.

This platform delivers discovery and inventory of managed resources, administration, monitoring, deployment and updating of JBoss-based middleware applications and other third-party applications through a centrally managed model. Enterprise access controls offer the necessary levels of visibility, access and auditing to maintain systems and share vital information and statistics through diverse teams. A customizable portal offers critical information quickly to the right audiences.

View our online demos to see RHQ in action.


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