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SwitchYard supports the following packaging types for deployment:

  • JAR : the default packaging type for SY apps

  • WAR : useful when you want to include additional libraries with your application and/or you have web application resources (e.g. JSPs, JSF, etc.).

  • EAR : supports multiple application modules in a single deployment along with additional libraries.

For an example of packaging as a WAR, check out the helpdesk quickstart. Pay particular attention to the configuration of the maven-war-plugin to include the SY descriptor and exclude dependencies in the WEB-INF/lib directory which are already available in the SwitchYard runtime.


EAR deployments allow multiple SwitchYard applications to be included in a single deployable archive. Keep in mind that the SY applications included in an EAR are still considered separate applications from a lifecycle and visibility (both class loading and service) standpoint. For an example of deploying a SwitchYard application as an EAR, check out ear-deployment quickstart.

Available Runtimes

SwitchYard 1.0 supports deployment into JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1 . All of the supported deployment mechanisms in EAP are supported, including: file-based, CLI, maven plugin, and console. See the JBoss AS deployment documentation for more information.

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