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JAXB Transformer

The JAXB transformer allows you to perform Java to XML (and XML to Java) transformations using JAXB (XML marshalling and unmarshalling). It is exactly like the JSON Transformer in terms of how it is configured i.e. a to and from configuration with one Java type and one QNamed XML type.

JAXB Java Model Creation

JAXB Java models can be generated from an XML Schema using XJC, or from a WSDL using tools like wsconsume (.sh/.bat), which is shipped with both SwitchYard AS6 and AS7 distros (in the bin directory).

JAXB Transformer Configurations

Working out the available transformations is quite simple. Just look in the ObjectFactory class source file (ObjectFactory.java). In this source file you will see factory methods representing the available marshallings/unmarshallings e.g.

@XmlElementDecl(namespace = "http://com.acme/orders", name = "create")
public JAXBElement<CreateOrder> createOrder(CreateOrder value) {
    return new JAXBElement<Order>(_CreateOrder_QNAME, CreateOrder.class, null, value);

JAXB Transformer Requirements

JAXB transformation is for data objects that contain JAXB annotations or objects that include an ObjectFactory in a configured context path.     A common error has been to use String as a payload type, but in this case the JAXB transformer will not work because String doesn't meet either of the two requirements outlined above.    See this forum thread for more details.

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