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Message tracing provides a view of the content and context of a message exchange on the SwitchYard bus by printing exchange information to the log. The trace is generated from an exchange interceptor which is triggered at the following points:

  • Immediately after the consumer sends the request message.  For example, In the case of a service which is invoked from a service binding, this will be the point at which the gateway binding puts the message onto the bus.
  • Immediately before the service provider is invoked.
  • Immediately after the service provider is invoked.
  • At completion of the exchange before the message is returned to the consumer.

Trace Output

Trace output includes details on the metadata, context properties, payload, and attachments for a message exchange.  Here is an example of a trace entry:

Enabling Message Tracing

Message tracing is enabled by setting the value of the "org.switchyard.handlers.messageTrace.enabled" property to true in your application domain.  Domain properties are set via entries in the <domain> section of switchyard.xml.  An easy shortcut to enabling tracing is to view the Domain tab of the visual application model in Eclipse and select the "Enable Message Trace" checkbox.

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  1. Oct 20, 2015

    Is there a way to make the below property configurable:

    <property name="org.switchyard.handlers.messageTrace.enabled" value="true"/>

    So if I want to enable/disable message trace without modifying the switchyard.xml, can I do something like create a configurable property.



  2. Apr 23, 2018

    I was able to resolve this long ago but forgot to post the solution. All I had to do was create a domain property and provide value "True"

    org.switchyard.handlers.messageTrace.enabled = true

    I actually used a default value of true and set a system property(in a property file or using command line parameter while starting the jboss) to override in case there is a need to disable it. 

    org.switchyard.handlers.messageTrace.enabled = ${+}

    Unknown macro: {TRACE_MESSAGING_ENABLED}