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The RSS binding in SwitchYard provides support for polling RSS feeds.

The RSS binding is built on top of camel-rss.

Generic options

Following options can be applied to <binding.rss> definition:

  • feedURI : the URI of the atom feed that should be polled

  • splitEntries : split the entries poll by poll

  • filter : filter entries to return if split

  • lastUpdate : used by filter, starting timestamp for selection

  • throttleEntries : deliver entries immediately

  • feedHeader : add the Abdera Feed as a header

  • sortEntries : if splitEntries is true, this option sorts the entries by date updated

Binding Services with RSS

Here's an example of what a RSS service binding looks like:

<sca:composite name="camel-binding" targetNamespace="urn:switchyard-quickstart:camel-rss-binding:0.1.0">
    <sca:service name="RSSParseService" promote="RSSParseService">
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