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Smooks Transformer

There are three distinct transformation models available with Smooks in SwitchYard:

  1. XML to Java :  Based on a standard Smooks Java Binding configuration.

  2. Java to XML:   Based on a standard Smooks Java Binding configuration.

  3. Smooks :  This is a "normal" Smooks transformation in which the developer must define which Smooks filtering Result is to be exported back to the SwitchYard Message as the transformation result.

Smooks transformations are declared by including a <transform.smooks> definition in switchyard.xml.

<transform.smooks config="/smooks/OrderAck_XML.xml"

The config attribute points to a Smooks resource containing the mapping definition.  The type attribute can be one of SMOOKS, XML2JAVA, or JAVA2XML.

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