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SwitchYard provides support for network level integration with TCP and UPD protocols.

The TCP and UDP binding is built on top of camel-netty and supports most of options for this endpoint. Please refer camel documentation for detailed description of them.

Generic options

Following options can be apiled to <binding.tcp> and <binding.udp definition:

  • host

  • port

  • receiveBufferSize

  • sendBufferSize

  • reuseAddress

  • encoders

  • decoders

  • allowDefaultCodec

  • workerCount

  • sync

  • disconnect

TCP specific options

  • textline

  • tcpNoDelay

  • keepAlive

UDP specific options

  • broadcast

SSL Options

This endpoint supports SSL. Following parameters may be used to configure it:

  • ssl - turn on SSL

  • sslHandler - custom SSL Handler to use

  • passphrase - bean reference to String instance used to open KeyStore

  • securityProvider - name of Java security provider

  • keyStoreFormat

  • keyStoreFile - reference to File instance which is used loaded into java KeyStore

  • trustStoreFile - reference to File instance

  • sslContextParametersRef - if this parameter is specified it must be an bean reference to an instance of org.apache.camel.util.jsse.SSLContextParameters where you may specify all necessary parameters at once.

Binding Services with tcp/udp

Here's an example of what a file service binding looks like:

<sca:composite name="camel-binding" targetNamespace="urn:switchyard-quickstart:camel-binding:0.1.0">
    <sca:service name="GreetingService" promote="GreetingService">
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