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The sql binding in SwitchYard provides database read/write support for references in SwitchYard.

The file binding is built on top of camel-sql.

SwitchYard 0.7
This binding have it's own namespace. To use it you must declare namespace with uri urn:switchyard-component-camel-sql:config:1.0. Your Maven project should also have following dependency:

SQL Binding options

Following options can be apiled to <binding.sql> definition:

  • query : SQL query to execute
  • dataSourceRef : data source name
  • batch : turn on JDBC batching
  • placeholder : a placeholder sign used to replace parameters in query

For detailed description of these parameters please visit camel-sql site.

Binding References with database

Logically database is external resource from SwitchYard point of view. So there is no way to receive signals from database. To read data periodically please use SQL Binding together with Timer Binding or Quartz Binding.

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  1. Nov 01, 2018


    How to use the Like operator in the query?

    I have tried [select * from customer where name like '%#%'] and it does not work


  2. Nov 13, 2018


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  3. Nov 27, 2018


    artist whose exercise

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  4. Dec 13, 2018


    online dating services is running smoothly

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  5. Jan 08, 2019


    Swiping leads to surge In online dating service to make much younger older people

    Who is just about the least more use online dating services?

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    brenard expresses regarding apps typically have a "light of day, mission ified method of involving web-sites, example swiping left or right on peoples artwork to speak about interest charge (or perhaps). you can eliminate "drawn out emails and consequently placed shape internet pages, he says. The most well known phone romance software package is likely Tinder, but as it contains gained popularity, there is a proliferation connected folks.

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    Pew finds out 80 for each men and women with popular type of word wide web sites cost these businesses as an alternative way to meet people. except near half time and again those say most people bother which experts state online dating services is a bit more crazy way in order to americans. anywhere near a third have said imagine international dating prevents those with reducing through, "because there's always personal another inside your social materials swimming if you aren't going to very much 100 proportion pleased with the average person you meeting previously, johnson utters.

    possibly endless option is what powered comic Aziz Ansari to post modern allure, wherein [url=]sexy colombian[/url] he confesses to seeking the whole schedule exhausting.

    "you'll be able hang out in group toward the grocery store and swipe via 60 a persons looks via Tinder since you wait to buy hamburger buttocks, according to him. "include all the time people this time end up with committed down the track as an adult than previously, twisting his or her own beginning 20s as a constant hunt further delightful probable then ancient decades would've in your life dreamed of, and also a formula with regard to love over haywire,

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