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SwitchYard 1.0

BPEL Console

The BPEL console can be deployed to SwitchYard through its installer since SwitchYard-0.4 version.


This section provides an overview of the BPEL Console. The console provides the ability to view:

  • The process definitions deployed to the BPEL engine

  • The process instances executing in the BPEL engine

  • The execution history of a process

  • The history instances query


The easiest way to install the BPEL console is to download the SwitchYard installer and then run :

ant install-bpel-console

You will then be prompted for the location of your EAP installation, and the Installer will place the necessary WAR files in EAP.HOME/standalone/deployments.  

Alternatively, you can just simply copy the switchyard-bpel-console.war folder and switchyard-bpel-console-server.war from the Tools distribution into the EAP_HOME/standalone/deployments folder. Remember that you will need to add a marker file named "switchyard-bpel-console.war.dodeploy" in the deployments folder as well to trigger the deployment.

Because of this issue (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RIFTSAW-391), we used the exploded war of the switchyard-bpel-console as the workaround.

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