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SwitchYard 1.1


The file binding in SwitchYard provides filesystem level support for services and references in SwitchYard.

The file binding is built on top of camel-file and supports most of options for this endpoint. Please refer camel documentation for detailed description of them.

Generic options

Following options can be apiled to <binding.file> definition:

  • directory : directory to consume/produce files to

  • autoCreate : automatically create directory if doesn't exist

  • bufferSize : write buffer size

  • fileName : file name filter for consumer or file name pattern for producer

  • flatten : skip path and just use file name

  • charset : charset used for reading/wrinting file

Binding Services with Files

Supported options are:

  • delete

  • recursive

  • noop

  • preMove

  • move

  • moveFailed

  • include

  • exclude

  • idempotent

  • idempotentRepository

  • inProgressRepository

  • filter

  • sorter

  • sortBy

  • readLock

  • readLockTimeout

  • readLockCheckInterval

  • exclusiveReadLockStrategy

  • processStrategy

  • startingDirectoryMustExist

  • directoryMustExist

  • doneFileName

Here's an example of what a file service binding looks like:

<sca:composite name="camel-binding" targetNamespace="urn:switchyard-quickstart:camel-binding:0.1.0">
    <sca:service name="GreetingService" promote="GreetingService">

Binding References with File

Binding a reference with file can be used to store outcome of service on disk. The following configuration options are available for binding.file when binding references:

  • fileExist

  • tempPrefix

  • tempFileName

  • keepLastModified

  • eagerDeleteTargetFile

  • doneFileName

For detailed description of these parameters please refer camel-file documentation

<sca:composite name="camel-binding" targetNamespace="urn:switchyard-quickstart:camel-binding:0.1.0">
    <sca:reference name="GreetingService" promote="camel-binding/GreetingService" multiplicity="1..1">
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