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The JMS binding in SwitchYard provides support for asynchronous communication with messaging providers. It supports both sides - service and reference.  The JMS binding is built on top of camel-jms and supports most of options for this endpoint. Please refer camel documentation for a detailed description of them.

Generic options

Following options can be apile to <binding.jms> definition:

  • queue or topic : destination name to consume from/produce to
  • connectionFactory : an instance of connection factory to use
  • username
  • password
  • clientId
  • durableSubscriptionName
  • concurrentConsumers
  • maxConcurrentConsumers
  • disableReplyTo
  • preserveMessageQos
  • deliveryPersistent
  • priority
  • explicitQosEnabled
  • replyTo
  • replyToType
  • requestTimeout
  • selector
  • timeToLive
  • transacted
  • transactionManager
  • acknowledgementModeName
  • acknowledgementMode

Binding Services with JMS

Here's an example of what a jms service binding looks like:

Binding References with JMS

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