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Oracle Translator (oracle)

Also see common JDBC Translator Information

The Oracle Translator, known by the type name oracle, is for use with Oracle 9i or later.

Sequences may be used with the Oracle translator. A sequence may be modeled as a table with a name in source of DUAL and columns with the name in source set to{{<sequence name>.[nextval|currval].}}

Teiid 8.4 and Prior Oracle Sequence DDL

With Teiid 8.5 it's no longer necessary to rely on a table representation and Oracle specific handling for sequences. See DDL Metadata for representing currval and nextval as source functions.

You can also use a sequence as the default value for insert columns by setting the column to autoincrement and the name in source to <element name>:SEQUENCE=<sequence name>.<sequence value>.

A rownum column can also added to any Oracle physical table to support the rownum pseudo-column. A rownum column should have a name in source of rownum. These rownum columns do not have the same semantics as the Oracle rownum construct so care must be taken in their usage.

Out parameters for procedures may also be used to return a result set, if this is not represented correctly by the automatic import you need to manually create a result set and represent the output parameter with native type "REF CURSOR".

DDL for out parameter result set

Oracle specific importer properties:

  • useGeometryType- Use the Teiid Geomety type when importing columns with a source type of SDO_GEOMETRY. Defaults to false.
  • useIntegralTypes- Use integral types rather than decimal when the scale is 0. Defaults to false.

Oracle specific execution properties:

  • OracleSuppliedDriver- indicates that the Oracle supplied driver (typically prefixed by ojdbc) is being used. Defaults to true. Set to false when using DataDirect or other Oracle JDBC drivers.
Geo Spatial function support

Oracle translator supports geo spatial functions. The supported functions are:

Relate = sdo_relate

Nearest_Neighbor = sdo_nn

Within_Distance = sdo_within_distance

Nearest_Neigher_Distance = sdo_nn_distance

Filter = sdo_filter

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