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The batch subsystem is used to configure an environment for running batch applications. WildFly uses JBeret for it's batch implementation. Specific information about JBeret can be found in the user guide. The resource path, in CLI notation, for the subsystem is subsystem=batch-jberet.

Default Subsystem Configuration

For up to date information about subsystem configuration options see

Deployment Descriptors

There are no deployment descriptors for configuring a batch environment defined by the JSR-352 specification. In WildFly you can use a jboss-all.xml deployment descriptor to define aspects of the batch environment for your deployment.

In the jboss-all.xml deployment descriptor you can define a named job repository, a new job repository and/or a named thread pool. A named job repository and named thread pool are resources defined on the batch subsystem. Only a named thread pool is allowed to be defined in the deployment descriptor.

Example Named Job Repository and Thread Pool
Example new Job Repository

Deployment Resources

Some subsystems in WildFly register runtime resources for deployments. The batch subsystem registers jobs and executions. The jobs are registered using the job name, this is not the job XML name. Executions are registered using the execution id.

Batch application in a standalone server

The batch subsystem resource on a deployment also has 3 operations to interact with batch jobs on the selected deployment. There is a start-job, stop-job and restart-job operation. The execution resource also has a stop-job and restart-job operation.

Example start-job
Example stop-job
Example restart-job
Result of resource after the 3 executions
Pro Tip
You can filter jobs by an attribute on the execution resource with the query operation.
View all stopped jobs

As with all operations you can see details about the operation using the :read-operation-description operation.

Tab completion
Don't forget that CLI has tab completion which will complete operations and attributes (arguments) on operations.
Example start-job operation description
batch batch Delete
jsr352 jsr352 Delete
jberet jberet Delete
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