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WildFly ships with a number of quickstarts that show you how to get started with a variety of technologies in WildFly. You'll find out how to write a web application using the latest Java EE technologies like CDI and JAX-RS. How to write client libraries to talk to WildFly using web services, JMS or EJB. How to set up a distributed transaction, and how to recover from a transaction failure. And much, much more.

Getting Started

Some of the quickstarts are described in great detail in the Getting Started Developing Applications Guide, which focuses on how get WildFly and Eclipse, with JBoss Tools set up, and how to build web applications.

The other quickstarts are all described in README files and code comments, including what to look out for, how to install and start WildFly, and how to deploy and test the quickstart.

To download the quickstarts, visit https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart.


If you want to contribute to the quickstarts, check out our Contributing a Quickstart page.

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