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Getting Server-specific Metrics in a Managed Domain

In a managed domain, with one or more server groups deployed, we may wish to view server-specific subsystem metrics for a given subsystem resource. In other words, for a given host and a server deployed on that host, we may wish to view metrics defined for a particular subsystem which reflect the run-time behaviour of that particular subsystem on that particular server instance. 

For example, we may have a server group of consisting of two servers using the full-ha profile, so forming a cluster, and a distributed application deployed on that cluster. The values for runtime metrics for distributed cache management on each server would reflect the processing activity at that particular server.

Standalone mode

In standalone mode, such resources could be accessed by using the CLI to connect to the standalone instance and executing the command:


The fact that we have used the CLI to connect to a specific server instance allows us to choose the server we wish to read the metrics from.

Domain mode

In domain mode, the same resources could be accessed by using the CLI to connect to the domain controller of the domain and executing the command:


where <host> is the name of the host on which the server resides and <server> is the name of the server of interest. 

Note that the command:


does not return run-time information concerning specific servers, but rather the configuration of the full-ha profile used in the domain. Any run-time metrics will be marked as undefined.

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