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How do I add a log category?


How do I change a log level?

To change a handlers log level:


Changing the level on a log category is the same:


How do I log my applications messages to their own file?

  1. Create a file handler. There are 3 different types of file handlers to choose from; file-handler, periodic-rotating-file-handler and size-rotating-file-handler. In this example we'll just use a simple file-handler.

    /subsystem=logging/file-handler=fh:add(level=INFO, file={"relative-to"=>"jboss.server.log.dir", "path"=>"fh.log"}, append=false, autoflush=true)
  2. Now create the log category.


How do I use log4j.properties or log4j.xml instead of using the logging subsystem configuration?

First note that if you choose to use a log4j configuration file, you will no longer be able to make runtime logging changes to your deployments logging configuration.

If that is acceptable you can use per-deployment logging and just include a configuration file in your deployment.

How do I use my own version of log4j?

If you need/want to include your version of log4j then you need to do the following two steps.

  1. Disable the adding of the logging dependencies to all your deployments with the add-logging-api-dependencies attribute and disable the use-deployment-logging-config attribute OR exclude the logging subsystem in a jboss-deployment-structure.xml.

  2. Then need to include a log4j library in your deployment.

This only works for logging in your deployment. Server logs will continue to use the logging subsystem configuration.

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