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WildFly 8

How the JBoss AS instance is built and configured for testsuite modules.

Refer to Shortened Maven Run Overview to see the mentioned build steps.

1)  AS instance is copied from ${jboss.dist} to testsuite/target/jbossas.
        Defaults to AS which is built by the project (build/target/jboss-as-*).



from ${jboss.home} to ${basedir}/target/jbossas
phase generate-test-resources: resource-plugin, goal copy-resources


phase process-test-resources: antrun-plugin:

<ant antfile="$\{basedir}/src/test/scripts/basic-integration-build.xml">
    <target name="build-basic-integration"/>
    <target name="build-basic-integration-jts"/>

Which invokes

<target name="build-basic-integration" description="Builds server configuration for basic-integration tests">
      <build-server-config name="jbossas"/>

Which invokes

<!-- Copy the base distribution. -->
<!-- We exclude modules and bundles as they are read-only and we locate the via sys props. -->
<copy todir="@{output.dir}/@{name}">
    <fileset dir="@{jboss.dist}">
        <exclude name="**/modules/**"/>
        <exclude name="**/bundles/**"/>

<!-- overwrite with configs from test-configs and apply property filtering -->
<copy todir="@{output.dir}/@{name}" overwrite="true" failonerror="false">
    <fileset dir="@{test.configs.dir}/@{name}"/>
    <filterset begintoken="${" endtoken="}">
        <filter token="node0" value="${node0}"/>
        <filter token="node1" value="${node1}"/>
        <filter token="udpGroup" value="${udpGroup}"/>

Arquillian config file location

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