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jboss-ejb3.xml is a custom deployment descriptor that can be placed in either ejb-jar or war archives. If it is placed in an ejb-jar then it must be placed in the META-INF folder, in a web archive it must be placed in the WEB-INF folder.

The contents of jboss-ejb3.xml are merged with the contents of ejb-jar.xml, with the jboss-ejb3.xml items taking precedence.

Example File

A simple example is shown below:

As you can see the format is largely similar to ejb-jar.xml, in fact they even use the same namespaces, however jboss-ejb3.xml adds some additional namespaces of its own to allow for configuring non-spec info. The format of the standard is well documented elsewhere, this document will cover the non-standard namespaces.

The root namespace

Assembly descriptor namespaces

The following namespaces can all be used in the <assembly-descriptor> element. They can be used to apply their configuration to a single bean, or to all beans in the deployment by using * as the ejb-name.

The security namespace urn:security

This allows you to set the security domain and the run-as principal for an EJB.

The resource adaptor namespace urn:resource-adapter-binding

This allows you to set the resource adaptor for an MDB.

The IIOP namespace urn:iiop

The IIOP namespace is where IIOP settings are configured. As there are quite a large number of options these are covered in the IIOP guide.

The pool namespace urn:ejb-pool:1.0

This allows you to select the pool that is used by the SLSB or MDB. Pools are defined in the server configuration (i.e. standalone.xml or domain.xml)

The cache namespace urn:ejb-cache:1.0

This allows you to select the cache that is used by the SFSB. Caches are defined in the server configuration (i.e. standalone.xml or domain.xml)

The clustering namespace urn:clustering:1.0

This namespace is deprecated and as of WildFly 8 its use has no effect. The clustering behavior of EJBs is determined by the profile in use on the server.

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  1. Nov 22, 2014

    Using the jboss-ej3.xml example above, Intellij displays an error complaining that it can't find the schema location for the following line:


    Where is the schema for urn:security located?  I don't see it anywhere in