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Enabling IIOP

To enable IIOP you must have the JacORB subsystem installed, and the <iiop/> element present in the ejb3 subsystem configuration. The standalone-full.xml configuration that comes with the distribution has both of these enabled.

The <iiop/> element takes two attributes that control the default behaviour of the server, for full details see EJB3 subsystem configuration guide.

Enabling JTS

To enable JTS simply add a <jts/> element to the transactions subsystem configuration.

It is also necessary to enable the JacORB transactions interceptor as shown below.

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:jacorb:1.1">
    <initializers transactions="on"/>

Dynamic Stub's

Downloading stubs directly from the server is no longer supported. If you do not wish to pre-generate your stub classes JDK Dynamic stubs can be used instead. The enable JDK dynamic stubs simply set the com.sun.CORBA.ORBUseDynamicStub system property to true.

Configuring EJB IIOP settings via jboss-ejb3.xml


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