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WildFly 9

Suspend, Resume and Graceful shutdown

Core Concepts

Wildfly 9 introduces the ability to suspend and resume servers. This can be combined with shutdown to enable the server to gracefully finish processing all active requests and then shut down. When a server is suspended it will immediately stop accepting new requests, but wait for existing request to complete. A suspended server can be resumed at any point, and will begin processing requests immediately. Suspending and resuming has no effect on deployment state (e.g. if a server is suspended singleton EJB's will not be destroyed). 

Suspend/Resume has no effect on management operations, management operations can still be performed while a server is suspended. If you wish to perform a management operation that will affect the operation of the server (e.g. changing a datasource) you can suspend the server, perform the operation, then resume the server. This allows all requests to finish, and makes sure that no requests are running while the management changes are taking place.

When a server is suspending it goes through four different phases:

  • RUNNING - The normal state, the server is accepting requests and running normally

  • PRE_SUSPEND - In PRE_SUSPEND the server will notify external parties that it is about to suspend, for example mod_cluster will notify the load balancer that the deployment is suspending. Requests are still accepted in this phase.

  • SUSPENDING - All new requests are rejected, and the server is waiting for all active requests to finish. If there are no active requests at suspend time this phase will be skipped.

  • SUSPENDED - All requests have completed, and the server is suspended.

The Request Controller Subsystem

Wildfly 9 introduces a new subsystem called the Request Controller Subsystem. This optional subsystem tracks all requests at their entry point, which how the graceful shutdown mechanism know when all requests are done (it also allows you to provide a global limit on the total number of running requests). 

If this subsystem is not present suspend/resume will be limited, in general things that happen in the PRE_SUSPEND phase will work as normal (stopping message delivery, notifying the load balancer), however the server will not wait for all requests to complete and instead move straight to SUSPENDED mode.

There is a small performance penalty associated with the request controller subsystem (about on par with enabling statistics), so if you do not require the suspend/resume functionality this subsystem can be removed to get a small performance boost.

Subsystem Integrations

Suspend/Resume is a service provided by the Wildfly platform that any subsystem may choose to integrate with. Some subsystems integrate directly with the suspend controller, while others integrate through the request controller subsystem.

The following subsystems support graceful shutdown. Note that only subsystems that provide an external entry point to the server need graceful shutdown support, for example the JAX-RS subsystem does not require suspend/resume support as all access to JAX-RS is through the web connector.

  • Undertow - Undertow will wait for all requests to finish

  • mod_cluster - The mod_cluster subsystem will notify the load balancer that the server is suspending in the PRE_SUSPEND phase.

  • EJB - EJB will wait for all remote EJB requests and MDB message deliveries to finish. Delivery to MDB's is stopped in the PRE_SUSPEND phase. EJB timers are suspended, and missed timers will be activated when the server is resumed. 

  • Batch - The server will wait for Batch jobs to finish.

  • EE Concurrency - The server will wait for all active jobs to finish.

Standalone Mode

Suspend/Resume can be controlled via the following CLI operations in standalone mode:


Suspends the server. If the timeout is specified it will wait up till the timeout for all requests to finish. If there is no timeout specified it will wait indefinitely. 


Resumes a previously suspended server. The server should be able to begin serving requests immediately. 


Returns the current suspend state of the server.


If a timeout parameter is passed to the shutdown command then a graceful shutdown will be performed. The server will be suspended, and will wait until the timeout for all requests to finish before shutting down. 

Domain Mode

Domain mode has similar commands as standalone mode, however they can be applied at both the global and server group levels:

Whole Domain




Server Group








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