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Teiid 8.12


In most circumstances the admin operations will be performed through the admin console or AdminShell tooling, but it is also possible to invoke admin functionality directly in Java through the AdminAPI.

All classes for the AdminAPI are in the client jar under the org.teiid.adminapi package.


An AdminAPI connection, which is represented by the org.teiid.adminapi.Admin interface, is obtained through the org.teiid.adminapi.AdminFactory.createAdmin methods. AdminFactory is a singleton, see AdminFactory.getInstance(). The Admin instance automatically tests its connection and reconnects to a server in the event of a failure. The close method should be called to terminate the connection.

See your JBoss installation for the appropriate admin port - the default port is 9999.

Admin Methods

Admin methods exist for monitoring, server administration, and configuration purposes. Note that the objects returned by the monitoring methods, such as getRequests, are read-only and cannot be used to change server state. See the JavaDocs for all of the details

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