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Apache HBase Translator (hbase)

Also see common JDBC Translator Information

The Apache HBase Translator, known by the type name hbase, exposes querying functionality to HBase Tables. Apache Phoenix is a JDBC SQL interface for HBase - see Phoenix Data Sources that is required for this translator as it pushes down commands into Phoenix SQL.

The DatabaseTimezone property should not be used with this translator.

The HBase Translator doesn't support Joins. Phoenix uses the HBase Table Row ID as the Primary Key, which map to . This Translator is developed with Phoenix 4.3+ for HBase 0.98.1+.

The translator implements INSERT/UPDATE through the Phoenix UPSERT operation. This means you can see different behavior than with standard INSERT/UPDATE - such as repeated inserts will not throw a duplicate key exception, but will instead update the row in question.

Due to Phoenix driver limitations the importer will not look for unique constraints and defaults to not importing foreign keys.

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