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Teiid 8.12

AutoCommitTxn Execution Property

Since user level commands may execute multiple source commands, users can specify the AutoCommitTxn execution property to control the transactional behavior of a user command when not in a local or global transaction.

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Do not wrap each command in a transaction. Individual source commands may commit or rollback regardless of the success or failure of the overall command.


Wrap each command in a transaction. This mode is the safest, but may introduce performance overhead.


This is the default setting. Will automatically wrap commands in a transaction, but only if the command seems to be transactionally unsafe.

The concept of command safety with respect to a transaction is determined by Teiid based upon command type, the transaction isolation level, and available metadata. A wrapping transaction is not needed if:

The update count may be set on all procedures as part of the procedure metadata in the model.

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