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Teiid 8.12

Data Sources

Teiid provides the means (i.e., Translators and JEE connectors ) to access a variety of types of data sources. The types of data sources that are currently accessible are:

  1. Databases

  2. Web Services

    • SOAP

    • REST

    • Arbitrary HTTP(S)

  3. OData

  4. Big Data / No SQL / Search Engines / JCR and Other Sources

  5. Enterprise Systems

  6. Object Sources

  7. LDAP

    • RedHat Directory Server

    • Active Directory

  8. Files

  9. Spreadsheets

This represents data sources that have been validated to work using the available translators and connectors. However, this does not preclude a new data source from working. If a data source has a JDBC driver, Teiid can connect and easily issue SQL-92 based queries. If there is any custom SQL or functions that are needed to be supported, then an existing translator can be extended or a new translator can be created using the Translator Development extensions.

Take a look at the list of Translators that are used as the bridge between Teiid and the external system.

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